Typed Python?

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Sat Jul 3 21:21:24 CEST 2004

Thomas Reichelt <XXNOSPAMXX at gibts.net> wrote in message news:<2kn746F4ci1vU1 at uni-berlin.de>...
> Moin,
> short question: is there any language combining the syntax, flexibility and
> great programming experience of Python with static typing? 

Run, run, and run. Do not look back. And for heavens sake: use

I  was not in dire need for looking back to Python any longer once I
encountered Bigloo:

- types
- object system
- pattern matching
- exception handling
- keywords
- Bee (development environment)
- excellent foreign function interface to C: Bigloo speaks C indeed!
- Java backends (automatically generated from Scheme code)
- .Net integration
- excellent and very stable high perfromance compiler for speed;
performance is on par with OCaml
- nearly on every platform

- and do not forget: though, there are types but you /always/ will get
the option of using Bigloo as it were an ordinary Scheme with all the
freedom so to speak! Types will never be your stumbling block as in
Clean or Haskell for example.

PS: Note: with srfi-1 you get a lot of typical functional programming
support! Hey man you can even download the srfi-functions for "lazy

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