Porting Java web application to Python to make it faster?

Y2KYZFR1 jarrodhroberson at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 11 09:48:47 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Keller <wolfgang.keller.nospam at gmx.de> wrote in message news:<1inbbvrpmu1n6$.a0ikxbujiqk3$.dlg at 40tude.net>...
> Hello,
> as a non-developer 

<snipped a bunch of non-developer non-sense>

> TIA,
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Keller

stick to non-developing, the questions you ask and the assumptions you
made make it painfully apparent that you won't understand the answers
nor that the questions you are asking are the wrong ones.

good luck with your single student writing something that you need to
use every day.

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