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Egbert Bouwman egbert.list at
Sat Jul 31 18:09:13 CEST 2004

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 04:42:52PM +0200, Julien Poissonnier wrote:
> Egbert Bouwman wrote:
> >I have not yet found the tutorial or otherwise that explains concepts
> >like setting (relative) sizes, setting or manipulating focus, 
> >setting colors, etc.
> Have a look at the PyGTK tutorial and reference:
> and here's a list of articles about PyGTK:

Yes, I know them , and I am busy reading, using and digesting them, 
not too much at a time, and they made possible what I have done so far.
Virtual beers for the authors.
But these texts are the core of my problem as well.
I need something that goes at right angles through them, 
linking the related subjects, and giving an overall picture.

> If you haven't allready done so, be sure the try out Glade, a GUI 
> builder for (Py)GTK.

Glade is for later, when I am more comfortable with PyGTK.
Or am I too conservative ?

> -Julien
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