Script runs in IDLE but not by itself!?

Scott knighthacker at
Sun Jul 18 04:31:13 CEST 2004

Hey everyone!  I've been working with python for quite a while and
have been able to fix all my problems by searching... except for this

I have a python script that runs *BEAUTIFULLY* when run in windows in
IDLE.  However, if I try to run it in a simple python console (be
double clicking it) it fails.  It uses a DLL that I wrote in another
language.  The part that calls the dll looks like this:

#### TOP OF PROGRAM ####
import pythoncom, win32com.client, time
print dll.showstatus()
#### END OF PROGRAM ####

The way the DLL is made, it takes in a login and password ("ooga" and
"booga") and signs on AIM with the names (using the oscar protocol). 
The strange part is that when I run this program in IDLE, everything
goes just fine.  When I run it raw (by double clicking it) it just
seems to sit there and when I show the status, it was like nothing
happened in the DLL.  No connections were made...

I know this is too vague to get help on the details of my progra, but
my question is how does IDLE differ from the raw python console?  If I
can figure that one out, then I can decide where to look to get my
program working.  Thank you for all your help everyone! --Scott

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