Are the built-in HTTP servers production quality?

Paul Morrow pm_mon at
Mon Jul 19 23:18:59 CEST 2004

Irmen de Jong wrote:
> Richard Brodie wrote:
>> HTTP 1.1 covers this topic:
>> Still, that doesn't help if your server text format isn't one of these.
> Hmm, well, reading that particular section of the HTTP spec makes
> me think that the solution I programmed in the patch isn't the optimal
> one.
> Rather than treating text files (with content-type text/...) as any
> other -binary- file, I now think that it's actually better to read them
> in and convert the line endings to CR LF. But this requires:
> - buffering of the entire text file in memory during the CR LF conversion
> - fixing the content-type at the end because it's not the same as
>   the filesize (this was the original problem I solved).
> What do you think?

I think that it might be best if these files were already in the correct 
format on the disk  -- maybe via a daemon that periodically 'fixes' 
those in need, a special ftp server, or a file-system plugin/hook 
(mmm...!) -- so that nothing special has to be done to them by the web 
server.  In which case, reading them all as binary (as your patch takes 
care of) works fine.

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