Restructured Text from Java

Steve Menard steve.menard at
Sun Jul 18 16:38:11 CEST 2004

Ravi wrote:
> So I'm designing a wiki-type open source Content Managment System using 
> JSP and Subversion as the back-end, and I would like to use ReST for the 
> pages. The problem is I'm not sure how to access docutils from Java. Is 
> there a library somewhere that will let me convert ReST to html from 
> within Java? Will Jython work with docutils? Or should I kludge 
> something together around the command line?
> I appreciate any help. Thanks.
> Ravi

Jython will work ... if ReST is jython-compatible. for this is must be 
python 2.1 level or thereabout, and not use any extensions.

Otherwise ... you can indeed much around the command-line and 
Runtime.exec*(). This is asking for a lot of headache though ...

if you have the option, you can build a python program and publish its 
interface either via SOAP or CORBA, then call that web-service from Java.

Lastly, you can interface python's VM at the native code level. you can 
do it yourself if you know C programming, or you can use JPE 
( if you can get it working.

I hope this helps,

Steve Menard

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