Howto display an array as an image (like imagesc in matlab)

Mathias no_sp at
Thu Jul 29 19:13:05 CEST 2004

Dear NG,

I currently ty to switch from matlab to python/scipy but have a lot of 
trouble with images. What I need is a function for subsequently 
displaying a number of 2D-matrices as an image.
I tried:
	- which is nice but slow and I don't seem to be
	able to either close the window nor draw again to the same
	window, so I end up with 100 pictures on the screen...
	- scipy.xplt.imagesc() and scipy.plt.imagesc() crash
	consistently even with fresh installs of wxPython and scipy and 	
	python2.3 on Linux (RH 9) as well as on Win XP.
	- Use Tkinter to display the matrix (but then I need to store
	the matrix as a gif file first... don't I?)

Are the scipy image/imagesc routines really so increadibly unstable? Are 
there alternatives?

Thanks a lot,

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