Looking for comments on BlackAdder

dusty noone at nowhere.com
Thu Jul 29 18:52:24 CEST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:35:56 +0200, Marco Aschwanden
<PPNTWIMBXFFC at spammotel.com> wrote:

>> BlackAdder incorporates Python and QT into a application similar to
>> Delphi for writing GUI applications. I wonder if BlackAdder is worth the 
>> price or would I be just as well
>> off using Idle and QT Designer?
>No, it is not worth the price (I had it). It doesn't help you much. Take a 
>test ride and if YOU like it, than buy it.
>I think, you will be better off with idle and qtdesigner (or I hear eric3 
>is nice).

I believe you're correct Marco. I am now looking at eric3 and seems to
have the same features as BlackAdder and for free. Also the BlackAdder
demo is very annoying because it has a timer that shuts it down at
very short prescribed times, and to test anything you must repeatedly
restart it.

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