neblackcat neblackcat at
Thu Jul 15 11:05:38 CEST 2004

Personally I think its hard to look past Komodo these days:

a) very cheap (personal edition)

b) edits, debugs (locally and remotely, with all the debugging
features that you expect) and has projects

c) cross platform (you get licenses for both Win32 and Linux versions

d) isnt Python specific (eg. works just as well for PHP) 

e) a lot faster and more stable than it used to be (probably due to
its much improved underlying Mozilla code of late)

I've only really got 2 complaints with it:

a) No Brief keyboard mappings :-(
b) Cant inspect a variable by hovering the mouse above it when

I've also tried their VisualPython and didnt really think it was any
better, though a hell of a lot more expensive (and still no Brief
keyboard mappings).

Just my 2.6 australian cents

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