[ANN] libgmail 0.0.1 -- Gmail access via Python

Follower follower at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 18:26:49 CEST 2004

> Just looking at the Gmail Agreement...
> [Snip]
> Rats. Seems like we're not even allowed to use a browser to read our 
> mail :-)
Yeah, but they seem not to get too upset at the moment since the
projects "POP Goes the GMail" and "GTray" don't seem to have run into
problems yet. (Apparently the author of the first even got offered a
job at Google, so the story goes--I found his blog at one stage but
can't find it again...)

> Anyway this is cool, why not set up a sourceforge project?
Funny you should suggest that, since that's what I've been doing. :-)
And SF did an impressive job and got everything set up in a matter of

Haven't got anything there yet, but will soon:


A couple of comments I wrote elsewhere:

"After sleeping on it I've realised I'm actually only retrieving the
conversation threads from the inbox, not all the messages. At present
this means you'll get one message from each thread, not all messages.

It looks like for a single message 'conversation' the thread id ==
message id, but not for a multiple-message conversation.

At this stage it seems like you have to open a conversation thread to
get all the message ids, but I'll look into it."
Also, as is always the case, after not finding anything before coding
I've found a couple of (PHP) scripts with source available to do
various Gmail things:



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