How to lunch webpage without using SMTP server?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Jul 21 17:54:49 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-21, John fabiani <jfabiani at> wrote:
>> On 2004-07-21, Nancy <wxling3 at> wrote:
>>>  Is there any other way to use python or mod_python writing a web page?
>>>I mean, not use "", no SMTP server.
>>>   <form action="" method="POST"> ...
>> I'm afraid your question make no sense.
>> SMTP is a mail-transfer protocol. It's got nothing to do with
>> webpages.  Or with lunch.  ;)
> I think she's trying to say: Is there away to send an email
> from a web page without having a SMTP server.

I'm afraid I don't quite know what it means to "send an e-mail
from a web page."


Hmm, I don't see how you could use that to send an e-mail.

> I believe a SMTP server (of sometype) is required somewhere.
> That said maybe you can use

If what she's trying to do is send an e-mail from a Python
program (running as a CGI program or ASP handler, or Zope
something-or-other perhaps?), then what she needs is an SMTP
client module like the one implimented by

To use such an SMTP client, yes, you have to have an SMTP
server to which you can send the e-mail.  There's not really
any way around that.  SMTP is how e-mail is transferred on the
Internet, and to send an mail you need to connect to an SMTP

You can't send mail with an SMTP server.  The direction of
e-mail transfer in SMTP is client --> server.  [Unless there
are SMTP extensions that allow bi-directional mail transfers?
I've never seen one in use...]

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