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> max(01)* wrote:
>> i understand than most objects are pickable, but i cannot get a 
>> function pickled
> also i would like to know: why in the world would anyone want to pickle 
> a builtin function, as the documentation says it's possible?
> m
actually docs explain well that you can't ,at least that way.

 from python2.3/lib/node64.html

Note that functions (built-in and user-defined) are pickled by ``fully 
qualified'' name reference, not by value. This means that only the 
function name is pickled, along with the name of module the function is 
defined in. Neither the function's code, nor any of its function 
attributes are pickled. Thus the defining module must be importable in the 
unpickling environment, and the module must contain the named object, 
otherwise an exception will be raised.

follow there an explanation of this choice

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