my favourite IDE :the workspace

paolo veronelli paolo_veronelli at
Thu Jul 15 13:19:20 CEST 2004

I don't mind the reasons why someone attack to defend .The best thing we 
can do is the code anyway.(And python does it better)

Actually I use vim because I can take off everything from the X screen 
which is not code.
My window manager is PWM with zero border windows, my root window is 
fading from black to gray40,my gvim has dark background
and,having no borders itself when I switch to the code workspace I see 
only code in the landscape,no lines no icons,just

Lately I found the python_fold.vim script which resolved my problem in 
folding python syntax and I am happy enough with this.

I saw Eric3 by a friend of mine and it looked good for a starter.I'm 
not.I've coded 20 years now and I've worked a lot with pen and papers,that 
is still my favourite IDE.

Building my working-space takes me a lot of time.Choosing the most 
configurable tools multiplies the time spent to do it.
But in the end  I feel a piece of the machine sometime the masterpiece ,an 
unpayable feeling......

	Nice coding everybody	Paolino

....lotta dura  per la verdura

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