ANN matplotlib-0.60.2: python graphs and charts

John Hunter jdhunter at
Thu Jul 15 15:00:41 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Lou" == Lou Pecora <pecora at> writes:

    Lou> Anyone have any experience running this on Mac OS X?  What
    Lou> does it take to get it up and running.  I'm enticed.  Will
    Lou> check it out on my own, too, but any info welcome.  Thanks.

Hi Lou,

In response to this thread on the mailing list
I just made some changes to (matplotlib's config script)
to accommodate the tk framework under OS X (borrowed from PIL's  You can get the updated file from  If you want to use
TkAgg on OS X and are using the tcl/tk framework, please save this in
your matplotlib src dir before running

See also these threads from the matplotlib mailing list

Good luck!

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