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Jaco Smuts JSmuts at
Mon Jul 5 19:49:08 CEST 2004

Hello there

I am developing an application using wxPython and some other libraries 
(including, now pysqlite 0.5.1).

I am distributing this app using py2exe and innosetup

I'm trying to reduce the size of my distribution (the setup.exe file as 
well as the final install size)

I am using upx to reduce  the size of my executables (not a clue how it 
works, but  it does reduce the size significantly)

Now I  am trying to use 7 zip to reduce  the size of my file, 
but this  seems to break the application.

I am trying to do this: (from

7z.exe -aoa x -olibrary\ 
cd library\ 
7z.exe a -tzip -mx9 ..\ -r 
rd library /s /q 
upx.exe --best *.* 

which works fine when I skip the 7z bit, but that breaks it?

Any advice ?


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