xml_pickle load problem

Simon Dahlbacka sdahlbacSPAMSUCKS at abo.fi
Mon Jul 26 18:51:35 CEST 2004

Dan wrote:
> I also failed to get load to work, but I received a different error. I
> tried contacting David Mertz twice, but either he's very busy or the
> spam filter he made for himself is horrible. I just switched to cPickle,
> from a python perspective it is more portable and less error prone. I
> don't have any real need to load or save python objects from other
> languages. It's also many times faster and smaller. I'd be interested if
> you find the solution to this. You might want to verify that the xml
> file is valid according to the dtd.

..hmm, I did not have any problems with xml_pickle when I used it a 
while ago, HOWEVER, the dtd is NOT accurate. I contacted David Mertz 
about this issue and he confirmed that the dtd was outdated, I even did 
a patch that got my dump validating, don't know what's happened with it 

don't know if it makes any difference, but I used it the way that's most 
  similar to "normal" pickle


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