Visual Studio not installed

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Wed Jul 14 15:16:57 CEST 2004

"Nick Smallbone" <nick at> wrote in message news:<40f44f8a$0$7799$db0fefd9 at>...

> > Your right, I'm not sure what I was asking either. I forgot that linux
> > versions would not be compiled by Visual Studio. (I've been sick and not
> > sleeping). I wonder if the windows version could be compiled with a free
> > C-compiler?
> Should be - MinGW or Cygwin should work. I've compiled it with Watcom before
> ( And you can get the compiler of Visual C++
> without the IDE -

I have read that the Intel C compiler (ICC) produces fast executables
(see for example). It
is available for both Linux and Windows -- see Has anyone tried to
compile CPython using ICC and compared the performance with the
current CPython binaries?

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