Printing a file to a printer &/or changing the device that is referred to by stdout

George Kinney gk_2345 at
Sat Jul 17 06:59:12 CEST 2004

"Larry Bates" <lbates at> wrote in message
news:4eudnTWuNe7XlWXdRVn-ug at
> Jody,
> Here is a class that I wrote some time ago that allows you
> to print to Linux queue's (you didn't tell us if you are
> on Linux, Mac or Windows).  Hope it helps.
> #! /usr/bin/python
> """
>  Name  :
>         Author          : adapted from code by David Boddie
>  Created  : Tue 08th August 2000
>  Last modified : Thu 06th September 2001
>  Purpose  : Send a file to a printer queue.
> """

FWIW, a *lot* of modern network printers will respond to LPR out of the box.
So the platform
is (possibly) moot.

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