Parsing other languages -> function map

Richard Shea richardshea at
Tue Jul 20 02:52:32 CEST 2004

Hi - [This is a Python question - bear with me !] I've got quite a
number of PHP scripts which include many functions which call each
other. I'm interested in having a means to determine which function
gets called from which other functions.

I feel I could do this using Python without too much pain (although
the output of the raw data will be a bit more tricky) but before I
started I wondered if anyone here could suggest an existing code base
which would give me a flying start ? I've had a look in Parnassus but
there's nothing very obvious there.

I feel sure my requirement is an instance of a much more general
requirement which has probably been solved many times over.

Be interested to hear from anyone with bright ideas.


richard shea.

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