good cgi framework

Austyn Bontrager austynjay at
Wed Jul 28 01:59:00 CEST 2004

I am using the cgi module, along with Zope Page Templates

I made a CGIScript class that I subclass for each CGI script. This 
wrapper class allows me to define a template filename, and a context 
dictionary, and have the template automatically rendered when the CGI 
script exits without errors.

It seems to run kind of slow, but that's okay for our site...

Rick Lawson wrote:
> I have a cheapo web hosting account, but suprisingly it has python
> 2.2. Anyway, I want to do some basic cgi playing around and wonder
> what experience people have with the various frameworks. I'm looking
> at ease of installation with just ftp access (no shell) and
> performance. I think this is what makes php so attractive because on
> your $7.95/month host it "just works". But, God help me, how I hate
> the php syntax, and crappy object support and no exceptions.
> Thanks,
> Rick

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