Zope Products newbie question.

Peter Maas peter.maas at mplusr.de
Thu Jul 22 09:23:22 CEST 2004

mir nazim schrieb:
>     Now the problem is that I am confused how to implement these
> classes. Should I implement them as ZClass or in External methods or
> as a Zope Product. Please Clarify. Also tell me how, actually, am I
> supposed to start. small code sample can be a of great help. Links to
> similar free projects undertaken on zope can be useful.

- Write Zope Products to enhance the Zope Server itself, e.g.
   authenticate against an LDAP server.

- Write Python scripts if you want your code to be tightly integrated
   into the ZOPE machinery.

- Write external methods if you want your code to be free from ZOPE's
   restrictions (e.g. code that is supposed to work outside of ZOPE
   as well).

- Write ZClasses if you want to control your app via ZMI (Zope Management

To port from PHP I would start with external methods. If you want
your application objects stored in ZOPE (and not in an external db)
do that with Python scripts. If you want to manage your application
with ZMI (e.g. insert student objects into a ZOPE folder) use ZClass

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