Visual Studio not installed

Fuzzyman michael at
Wed Jul 14 08:59:30 CEST 2004

> But keep in mind that both the interpreter and all C extensions need to 
> be compiled with the same compiler.  Most people who write extensions 
> plan for them to be used with Visual Studio 6, since that's what the 
> distribution uses.  If you use some other compiler, then 
> you'll have to recompile every extension you install, and you may need 

AFAIK this statement is just wrong. I've compiled extensions with gcc
(from minGW) on windows and had them work fine alongside other
precompiled extensions.

Have a look at :



> to tweak things to get it to work.  It's probably easier, in the long 
> run, to download and figure out MS's free command-line version of VC++ 
> (or to talk someone who already has it into compiling the extension in 
> question for you)...
> Jeff Shannon
> Technician/Programmer
> Credit International

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