Tab wars revisited (was Re: Python indentation)

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Jul 8 18:42:55 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-08, Istvan Albert <ialbert at> wrote:
> So let me get this straight, you researched all that to
> make your editor work as if you were inserting tabs in
> the first place....

    No, actually.  I did a google search for "vim python options" and picked
one that seemed sensible.

> You know what you are?

    Better at playing with the other kiddies than you are?

> A closet tabber. You want the tab yet you want to fit in
> with the space folks.

    Uh, nope.  You'll never once find me arguing in favor of tabs no matter
what the code.  I have been using spaces for indenting my code since I first
started with Turbo Pascal 3 about 20 years ago.  C?  Space indented.  Perl?
Space indented.  Python?  Space indented.  HTML?  Space indented.  PHP?  Space
indented.  4DOS & 4OS/2?  Space indented.  Quite frankly outside of variable
space documents I feel the tab as a character should no longer exist.

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