Looking for minimal SQL

Leopold Schwinger leoel at gmx.at
Thu Jul 1 14:49:34 CEST 2004

Oliver Fromme schrieb:

> Marco Aschwanden <PPNTWIMBXFFC at spammotel.com> wrote:
>  > The next step would be to use the least common denominator of all sql 
>  > dialects and do without all the sql goodies that the dialects offer... and 
>  > for this part I am wondering if anyone has a link / hint / book that 
>  > assembled this minimum sql.
> Then you will have a _very_ limited subset of SQL, especially
> when you take mysql into account, which is not very standard-
> ANSI-SQL compatible, as far as I know.  For example, the
> operator "||" is string-concatenation in standard SQL, while
> it means logical OR in mysql.  Double-quotes are used for
> quoted identifiers in standard SQL, while they're used to
> enclose strings in mysql.  etc. etc.

Maybe you don't have to be restricted like that. In my former company we 
used the product SourcePro DB from RougeWave-Software. It's a kind
of abstraction layer. You never write an SQL-statement its more
a composition of class-objects. Of course, internal the SourcePro DB 
makes an SQL-statement, but for the programmer its an C++ API.

So you don't care about how the SQL-Statement looks exactly like (if
an OR is written by 'OR' or '||'
==> Problem: Each database you want to access needs an own interface inside.

The real restrictions come from the features of an DBMS
a) does it support locks?
b) what about transactions
etc. etc.

greetings Leo

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