using generators with format strings

marduk marduk at
Wed Jul 21 22:21:50 CEST 2004

I have a weird request.

I want to be able to say

def myvalues():
    while True:
        # stuff that determines a new somevalue
        yield somevalue

x = "Hello, %s, this is a %s with %s and %s on top of %s" % myvalues()
y = "Yes it's true that %s has way too many %s's" % myvalues()

I was hoping that myvalues() would be iterated over, but instead the
interpreter gives me a "TypeError: not enough arguments for format string"
error.  I tried tuple(myvalues()) and I think that kinda works but of
course myvalues goes into an infinite loop. myvalues will not know before
hand how many times it will be called.

Is there actually a simple way of doing this that I'm overlooking?

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