memory hogging unpickler

Pierre-Frédéric Caillaud peufeu at
Wed Jul 28 13:52:11 CEST 2004

I have a huge dataset which contains a lot of individual records  
represented by class instances.

I pickle this to a file :

way #1 :
for object in objects :
	cPickle.dump( object, myfile, -1 )

way #2 :
p = cPickle.Pickler( myfile, -1 )

When I try to unpickle this big file :

p = cPickle.Unpickler( open( ...
many times p.load()... display a progress counter...

Loading the file generated by #1 works fine, with linear speed.
Loading the file generated by #2 :
	- the progress counter runs as fast as #1
	- eats all memory, then swap
	- when eating swap, the progress counter slows down a lot (of course)
	- and the process must be killed to save the machine.

I'm talking lots of memory here. The pickled file is about 80 MB, when  
loaded it fits into RAM no problem. However I killed the #2 when it had  
already hogged about 700 Mb of RAM, and showed no sign of wanting to stop.

	What's the problem ?

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