does not work on freeBSD but works on linux, and windows

Donn Cave donn at
Fri Jul 2 18:23:11 CEST 2004

In article <SY3Fc.84160$rM4.17625 at>,
 John fabiani <jfabiani at> wrote:
> When I say corrupt I'm saying the program Foxpro can't open the file. 
> In this case the file is data file in the DBF format.

But what "physical" difference do you see in the file?  Is it
shorter?  Run "cmp" on a bad one and a good version of what
should be the same file ... do differences appear early in the
file, or late?  Is the first difference on a block boundary
(divisible by 512?)  That's the kind of analysis I'm talking

> Of course it may be that freeBSD requires a different way 
> of writing the program but others have reported that the program works 
> for different version of freeBSD (but no one has reported that freeBSD 
> 4.4 works).  If you are willing to help we can talk on the phone and 
> discuss it further.  Just email at jfabiani at Again thanks
> John

I'm sure someone on this list would be interested in taking
this on for a modest consulting fee.  Maybe more if your
consultant has to install his or her own 4.4, but that
shouldn't be too hard  (BSDs will happily install on a
single BIOS partition.)

   Donn Cave, donn at

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