Probable Pywin32 (win32com.client) bug??

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Jul 15 12:00:45 CEST 2004

| This is a heads-up on a possible memory corruption type of bug in
| recent and present versions of Python/win32com. I dont know if its
| general, or specific to using win32com.client to access CDO as my
| example does.
| My script was tiny - it just opens a MAPI/CDO session and traverses
| the email folders - but it keeps crashing Python at random places.

Not very helpful, but... using the standard Python 2.3.4 and the most recent
pywin32 on my Win2K box with Outlook 2000 and Exchanhge 5.5, I can traverse 
folders via CDO without any crashes. I realise that this isn't in any way 
conclusive but if you want to post some code, I'll happily run it against 
my setup if possible to see what happens.

I don't know if Mark H monitors python-win32 any more closely
than and its mirrors, but it's worth posting to that
list as it's a win32-specific issue anyway.


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