lisp is winner in DOM parsing contest! 8-]

Alex Mizrahi udodenko at
Mon Jul 12 03:53:49 CEST 2004

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(you :wrote  :on '(Sun, 11 Jul 2004 21:32:11 -0400))

 >> i have 3mb long XML document with about 150000 lines (i think it has
 >> about 200000 elements there) which i want to parse to DOM to work
 >> with.
 >> first i thought there will be no problems, but there were..
 >> first i tried Python.. there's special interest group that wants to
 >> "make
 >> Python become the premier language for XML processing" so i thought
 >> there will be no problems with this document..
 >> i used xml.dom.minidom to parse it.. after it ate 400 meg of RAM i
 >> killed it - i don't want such processing.. i think this is because of
 >> that fat class impementation - possibly Python had some significant
 >> overhead for each object instance, or something like this..

 HN> Have you tried ElementTree?

just tried it - it eats 133 megs and parses for quite a long time, however
it works..
i'll consider using it because processing xml in c++ appears to be pain in

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