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Peter Maas peter.maas at mplusr.de
Wed Jul 7 09:35:27 CEST 2004

Roger Binns schrieb:
> And then none of the Python template systems I looked at match the
> simplicity of Smarty's modifiers.  Look at
> http://smarty.php.net/crashcourse.php  and see things like
> |captitalize and |escape.

I think in Cheetah it's .capitalize and .escape (details may vary).
The elegance of the Cheetah way is how they map Python code
to placeholders. Every method and every field of an object can
be addressed in a Cheetah template.

But it's of course a neat idea to combine PHP and Python given
the overwhelming PHP predominance at ISPs.

> For Python, I think the closest match is Cheetah, but it tries
 > to be more generic, the filter syntax is less friendly than the
 > Smarty version, and it seems more clunky.  Some familiarity
 > with the Python standard library is also needed by other people
 > reading your source.

That depends on your code. You can easily write classes and
instantiate objects that are immediately understood by Python-
unaware readers such as customer, order, love, hate, life,
death, ... :) There's no need to expose the standard library.

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