Interactive Python programming in ... vi [was: Tab wars revisited]

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Jul 15 20:31:57 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-15, Mark 'Kamikaze' Hughes <kamikaze at> wrote:
> Huh.  I always thought it was an incredibly slow and awkward Lisp
> interpreter, with a fairly weak shell (it is not an OS), and a really
> lousy editor with too many modifier keys on top.  Since I've got Python,
> Linux and FreeBSD, and Vim with Python scripting compiled in, it has
> nothing to offer me.

    That's the part that always gets me.  This is the Python newsgroup.  Many
of us are here because we program in Python.  Quite a few of those actually
like and prefer Python to other languages.  So why, then, do Emacs people put
forth an editor that, to customize, one must learn Lisp.  I don't know Lisp.
However from the many Lisp/Python discussions here (charitable description, I
know) I do know I don't want to learn Lisp in general and certainly not just
to tweak my editor around.

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