does not work on freeBSD but works on linux, and windows

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Jul 1 13:00:34 CEST 2004

Donn Cave <donn at> wrote:
 > Quoth Oliver Fromme <olli at>:
 > | [...]
 > | I suggest you upgrade that machine.  I'm sure the problem
 > | won't persist.
 > Wow, I'm surprised to hear that.  I will have to go back
 > and read the problem again, but it sounds like a very
 > ordinary application in terms of operating system support.
 > Not something that would expose a bug in FreeBSD 4.4.
 > What makes you think it's an OS bug?

By saying "upgrade" I meant both the OS and Python.
>From his description, it seemed to be some kind of data
corruption, which could very well be an OS issue or a
Python issue (in libftp, for example).  His application
code seemed to be correct, as far as I can tell.

That's all speculation of course, but even if the problem
persists with an up-to-date OS and Python, the update was
certainly not useless.

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