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Mon Jul 5 18:39:43 CEST 2004

Dnia Mon, 05 Jul 2004 20:17:10 +0530, Anand K Rayudu napisał(a):

> Hi all,
> I have embedded python and want to execute python scripts from my 
> application. I need to call the execution of python repeatedly, and some 
> times same script again & again.
> I am facing some problems , especially if i try to execute the same 
> script again.
> Some times  in loading my module. Even it looks like for loops are not 
> working, if i replace them with 'while' it worked.
> This is on windows system with python 2.3.3 , I have win32 extensions also.
> Can some body please review following and suggest if any thing is wrong 
> here. Or suggest better way of doing it.

It's hard to tell what's wrong; you may want to ask your question on
news:comp.lang.python. From what I see you don't do a lot of necessary error
checking (basically every result should be checked for an exception, even if
you know there can't be any), but that likely isn't everything. Missing
INCREFs/DECREFs may cause trouble, etc.

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