does not work on freeBSD but works on linux, and windows

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Thu Jul 1 19:09:54 CEST 2004

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 John fabiani <jfabiani at> wrote:
> I can't really update the OS because the main app on the server is using 
> SCO foxpro 2.6.  This means that the OS is using the special lib's 
> reqired for SCO (xenix,unix libs) to run foxpro 2.6.
> Anyway I know very little about FreeBSD.  In fact I'll have to learn how 
> to upgrade Python 2.1 to Python 2.3.  Of course this assumes that 
> problem has something to do with Python and not the under lying SO.  BTW 
> FTP works without any issues - at least manually.  Also the code I 
> provided is what is realy run on the computer.
> Question can I just update the ftplib module?  I'm thinking that might 
> be easier than attempt to update all of it to 2.3.

It wouldn't hurt to try, and sure wouldn't hurt to look at
what has changed - if anything.

Before embarking on a more complicated upgrade, it would
probably be worth a further look at your software.  If you
missed it, go back and find David Bolen's response to your
post.  If your ftp function isn't already a stand-alone program,
break it out into a stand-alone program and see if it works any 
different.  Look at the result file and see if you can see
specifically what's different - "it's corrupted" isn't much
to go on.  BSD will work differently in some subtle ways than
Linux, and that probably won't change from FreeBSD 4.4 to 4.10 -
not all differences from Linux and Windows are bugs.

   Donn Cave, donn at

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