namespace for released packages?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jul 21 00:52:37 CEST 2004

Irmen de Jong wrote:
> Terry Reedy wrote:
>> Third party packages are generally put in the site-packages 
>> directory.  So
>> far, there has not be much problem with name clashes.
> I experienced only one problem so far:
> you probably know Pyro (Python Remote Objects), which I wrote.
> Much later there was somebody else who did some stuff with
> Python and Robotics, and also called his project "pyro"...
> Now, if you only use one or the other, you're safe, but
> there was this person that needed to use *both* at the same
> time. What would be the best solution in this case?
> I was (and still am) not prepared to change my project's name
> or package name because it has been around much longer and is by now
> commonly recognised...

Would one or the other of those two packages fail completely
if one simply changed the name of its main directory?  Presumably
no one would have a serious complaint in such an application
with importing one or the other as "robopyro" or "remotepyro"
or some such, to avoid a conflict in the namespace of the
importing module...


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