String formatting with dictionaries

Duncan Booth me at
Thu Jul 1 16:31:41 CEST 2004

tkpmep at (Thomas Philips) wrote in 
news:b4a8ffb6.0407010600.1a18ff24 at

> Clearly Python is converting the number 1 to the string '1' before
> looking it up in the dictionary. Furthermore, this seems to happen
> only when creating formatted strings: the dictionary can be directly
> accessed as shown above. How can I modify my formatted string
> statement to correctly access the  dictionary.

The mapping key is a sequence of characters, i.e. it already is a string. 
Python is not converting it to a string, it is simply not converting it 
into a number.

To make it work, you could subclass dict so that strings get converted to 
integers automatically on lookup, or just convert the keys to strings:

print " %(1)s" % dict([(str(k),e[k]) for k in e])

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