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>> I've compiled Python 2.3.3 on NetBSD and the thread (and therefore the
>> threading) module is not available.
>> Am I missing the module because of the way I made the binary?
>> I could use the dummy_threading module, but then I'm sure I'd run into
>> deadlocks.
>NetBSD has finally gotten around to supporting threads, but
>you'll have to install 2.0 beta for that.  NetBSD 1.6 does
>not implement threads, so they won't be supported in Python
>there.  I occasionally use an early 2.0 beta, and it works
>pretty well for me, but I don't expect the ports coverage
>is very good yet.
>Speaking of ports, I see there is a python23-pth-2.3.4nb2,
>which might be what you need if GNU pth will serve in place
>of real threads.  I assume that's what "pth" refers to, I
>have no experience with it (but have used GNU pth on NetBSD.)

   First of all, what you refer to as "ports" here are known as
"packages" in the NetBSD world since "ports" was already being used
to refer to "ports of the OS to different platforms".

   More specifically, yes, the pythonXY-pth packages are built
against the GNU pth library to provide thread support and should
suffice for NetBSD 1.6.x. As Donn suggested, if you upgrade to a
later version (1.6X or 2.0*) you can just use the python package
with native pthread support. If you can't find it prebuilt, look
into using pkgsrc, which should be fairly painless (and quite

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