How to lunch webpage without using SMTP server?

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Wed Jul 21 21:03:54 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-21, Byron <DesertLinux at> wrote:

> I agreed with your response.  In my reply, I mentioned that
> she would have two options, which are to either *get* SMTP
> access -- or -- to find some program, plugin, etc that would
> act as a SMTP server for her.

And if she doesn't have access to an SMTP server that will
accept e-mail from her system, what is that local SMTP server
going to do with the e-mail?

True, she can technically "send" e-mail by connecting to an
isolated, local SMTP server, but the mail won't be delivered to
anybody who isn't on her local server.  That's OK if she only
wants to send local e-mail.

> If she is able to obtain smtp access, then the code I provided below 
> could be used / modified for it.

>> Again, we've been through all this before.  She doesn't have
>> access to an SMTP server, apparently.

If that's true, then she can't send e-mail to non-local
addresses -- regardless of whether she's running a local SMTP
server or not.

>> She only uses hotmail. That is why I answered her with
>> instructions on how to run her own SMTP server just for
>> testing purposes.

If it's strictly for testing purposes, and the mail doesn't
need to get delivered, then running a local SMTP server is a
good solution.  I must have missed that it was for "just

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