Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Fri Jul 16 10:03:31 CEST 2004

A question about the findall function in the re module, and I also
would be happy with pointers to online documentation with which I 
could have found a solution myself (if it even exists!).

I have this program and result:

--------------  program  ------------------
import re

pat = r'(.*) or (.*)'
r = re.findall(pat, "i or j or k")
print r
--------------  result  -------------------
[('i or j', 'k')]

But the result I want is this:
[('i', 'j or k'), ('i or j', 'k')]

So my regular expression is wrong, but also variations like
r'^(.*|.*?) or (.*|.*?)$' do not work.  I have the feeling I am
overlooking something simple.  Maybe I should not try to use
re.findall to get the desired result, but do a re.match in a

Stated in English the problem is this: give me all combinations of
strings left and right of r' or ', and return them as a list of
tuples.  Sure I can solve this without using the re module, using
while-loops and etc., but I also have variations of 
this problem and learning re seems useful.

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