Regex single quotes in scraper script?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sat Jul 17 06:27:09 CEST 2004

"Unknown" <unknown at unknown.invalid> wrote in message
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> Hi, I started using a python based screen scraper called newsscraper I
> downloaded from sourceforge.
>   I have created many
> templates that work just fine from their examples however I ran into a
> block with sites that use single quotes instead of double quotes for
> specifying url in their web pages.
> For example:  <a href=''>
> instead of the usual
>                      <a href="">
> Being a real newbie with this I think I found the area of code that
> the href.  It is in a file called
> the full excerpt is listed below but here is the regex line that I
> is not dealing with single quote.
> m ='href\s*=\s*"?([^>" ]+)["> ]', text, re.I)
> I have tried many different variations but no luck and no luck getting
> of the author.  Any ideas?  Thx.

Did you try reversing all single and double quotes?  ie r"...'...'...'..."
If that doesn't work, you need someone else to answer.
A list of the variations not working might also help someone to answer.


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