Markus Wankus markus_wankusGETRIDOFALLCAPS at
Thu Jul 15 14:55:08 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio wrote:

>>>>>>"Markus" == Markus Wankus <markus_wankusGETRIDOFALLCAPS at> writes:
>     Markus> If you don't mind "bleeding edge" software - pydev for
>     Markus> Eclipse is coming along.  You can try it for yourself:
>     Markus>
> Too bad pydev development seems to be stopping - the developer is
> losing interest in the project (or at least that is what is said on
> the project page). I tried it yesterday, it seems very promising
> (though the debugger was very slow).
> Eclipse is the only candidate worthy of replacing Emacs in the future,
> so here's to hoping someone will adopt the pydev project at some
> point.

I agree.  I think there are a few other developers on the project that 
will take over where Aleks leaves off.  I will definitely get involved 
in the future as time permits. I think this project will rock if we 
could integrate jpype when it is ready (

But you are correct - you do need some sort of type system in the 
language to get all the features of the Java editor.  You could do some 
rudimentary stuff (like the way Pythonwin works for instance) right 
away.  The big thing we need is a *real* debugger - the editor stuff can 
come later.
Seeing just how amazing Eclipse is for Java development makes me wonder 
if the designers of Java had more than the language in mind when 
developing it.  Perhaps they were thinking ahead to the future of the 
IDE they would use to develop the language....


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