PyGTK overload

Egbert Bouwman egbert.list at
Sat Jul 31 11:12:25 CEST 2004

As a newby to PyGTK I already have produced some gui's I like,
but I have difficulties in finding out what method or other instrument
I need for doing various things.

I have not yet found the tutorial or otherwise that explains concepts
like setting (relative) sizes, setting or manipulating focus, 
setting colors, etc.

Also when I think I need a method with a specific word it its name,
and I cannot find it, there are two (not necessarily exclusive) 
- I have to go higher up the ancestry
- I look for the wrong word

Is there an other way than just going on and become familiar with it ?

Egbert Bouwman - Keizersgracht 197 II - 1016 DS  Amsterdam - 020 6257991

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