Getting information from OS

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Jul 22 16:05:18 CEST 2004

In article <mailman.695.1090477820.5135.python-list at>,
 <Skulled2003 at> wrote:
>   I have a question on getting information from the os to be used in
>one of my programs.
>   What i need to accomplish is a list of languages that are installed
>or can be viewed on the system. I am not sure if i am making it clear,
>but the list should contain information on the languages that a system
>can recognize and use in applications etc.
Important as your question is, conventional computing practice
is ill-equipped to answer it coherently.  You'll do best to 
specify your situation more fully:  is it Win*, including even
Win95, that interests you?  Are you building "console applica-
tions" with Python, or do you have a particular GUI toolkit in

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