.py from .pyc - how? Have deleted my .py file!

F. GEIGER f.geiger at vol.at
Sat Jul 10 19:54:11 CEST 2004

Chris King wrote:

> Matthias Huening wrote:
>> "F. GEIGER" <f.geiger at vol.at> wrote in news:ccp1gi$mpf$1 at newshispeed.ch:
>>> However, the .pyc file is still there. Can I restore the .py file 
>>> from the .pyc file somehow?
>> http://www.crazy-compilers.com/decompyle/
>> There is one drawback:
>> "# Costs only 10 EUR per 10 KB (or part thereof, counted per file)"
> There seems to be a free version still floating around, but it doesn't 
> work for bytecode generated by Python 2.3 or newer:
> http://www.pypackage.org/packages/python-decompyle

No more: "decompyle has moved to 
http://www.crazy-compilers.com/decompyle/ Please update out bookmarks."

Guess I'll have to barin-dump it :-/

Anyway, many thanks for trying to help!

Kind regards

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