poplib for multihomed machines

Elbert Lev elbertlev at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 1 13:01:39 CEST 2004

My reply was a reaction to 2 pieces of your origianl reply:

1. Well, C++ is NO-NO for sure, but for the rest I think in
the Python world it's better to stick to what works and
what doesn't.


2. if a new release of poplib introduces a feature you want, it's easy
to copy
it into your version.  I know that sounds awful, but we're
software engineers, right?  Not theoreticians, not priests
of some software cult.  We should know the difference between
a real problem and a theoretical problem.  The whole thing
is only 335 lines in 2.2.

C++ was an example. Actually it is NO-NO in OOP. And I do not want to
discuss the second. Writing this I do not say, that I personaly never
copy-and-paste, instead of writing a right class hierarhy. But there
is a difference: standard library and application programming. Sure
you understand... I did not want to offend you :).

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