[OT] Emacs, Eclipse, Leo (was Re: IDE

Steve Menard steve.menard at videotron.ca
Sat Jul 17 16:21:35 CEST 2004

Eric S. Johansson wrote:

> Skip Montanaro wrote:
>> Ville> Too bad Emacs seems to lack the development energy these days
>> to Ville> match the features of modern IDEs.
>> Dilution of the development community by the continued rift between
>> the GNU Emacs and XEmacs folks doesn't help...
> not to mention they keep insisting on using lisp...
> seriously, Emacs has the problem of increasingly large hurdles for its
> users.  I've been an Emacs users since 17.something and for many years,
> I was carrying around my .Emacs file from place to place like a hobo's
> bindlestiff.  but in the past few years I've stopped.  I just use
> package defaults and default packages.  It's become too
> difficult to keep track of changes, update .emacs and replicate to the
> 10 or 15 machines (this month) that I'm using.  Additionally, many
> packages have become just too obnoxious to configure and use especially
> with my limited hand ability. gnus and tramp have been the worst of
> recent experience.
> I do believe we could make this better by leading the way.  I propose
> reworking python mode using python via the Emacs python
> extension.  By lowering the barriers to entry, it's possible one could 
> rejuvenate development of applications within Emacs.
> of course that doesn't solve the problem of propagating configuration 
> file changes to billions of machines but that's a different problem for 
> a different mailing list.
> ---eric

Here's an idea : how hard would it be to replace emacs's ELIP 
interpreter with Python, and translate the "main" ELISP modules to python?

I would love being able to use something like emacs and custimize it to 
my hearts content. ELISP, however, just does not fit in my brain.


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