does not work on freeBSD but works on linux, and windows

John fabiani jfabiani at
Fri Jul 2 04:42:58 CEST 2004

Donn Cave wrote:
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>  John fabiani <jfabiani at> wrote:
> ...
>>I can't really update the OS because the main app on the server is using 
>>SCO foxpro 2.6.  This means that the OS is using the special lib's 
>>reqired for SCO (xenix,unix libs) to run foxpro 2.6.
>>Anyway I know very little about FreeBSD.  In fact I'll have to learn how 
>>to upgrade Python 2.1 to Python 2.3.  Of course this assumes that 
>>problem has something to do with Python and not the under lying SO.  BTW 
>>FTP works without any issues - at least manually.  Also the code I 
>>provided is what is realy run on the computer.
>>Question can I just update the ftplib module?  I'm thinking that might 
>>be easier than attempt to update all of it to 2.3.
> It wouldn't hurt to try, and sure wouldn't hurt to look at
> what has changed - if anything.
> Before embarking on a more complicated upgrade, it would
> probably be worth a further look at your software.  If you
> missed it, go back and find David Bolen's response to your
> post.  If your ftp function isn't already a stand-alone program,
> break it out into a stand-alone program and see if it works any 
> different.  Look at the result file and see if you can see
> specifically what's different - "it's corrupted" isn't much
> to go on.  BSD will work differently in some subtle ways than
> Linux, and that probably won't change from FreeBSD 4.4 to 4.10 -
> not all differences from Linux and Windows are bugs.
>    Donn Cave, donn at
When I say corrupt I'm saying the program Foxpro can't open the file. 
In this case the file is data file in the DBF format.  The program as 
posted is being used - it is not part of any other larger program.  The 
only thing I changed was the ip address and login info.  Using the same 
program (no changes) works from Linux (SUSE 8.0, SUSE 9.1 64) and 
windows XP.  Of course it may be that freeBSD requires a different way 
of writing the program but others have reported that the program works 
for different version of freeBSD (but no one has reported that freeBSD 
4.4 works).  If you are willing to help we can talk on the phone and 
discuss it further.  Just email at jfabiani at Again thanks

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