add further args to win32com.client.Dispatch?

selwyn selwyn at
Thu Jul 1 10:07:34 CEST 2004


this is my first foray into the mysteries of COM and dlls, so please 
humour me.

I have been provided with a dll interface for a connection to a web-server.
The documentation provided is clear that the dll requires the server 
config file to be in same folder as the dll.

I know the dll is installed and registered properly, as is the server 
config file, because the test gui provided works as expected, and fails 
as expected when the server config file is moved elsewhere.

However, when I try in the relevant directory with
 >>>from win32com.client import Dispatch
 >>>obj = Dispatch('PAVI.IPAV')

I get a gui dialog message of
"Error: No server configured."

The desired methods within the dll are subsequently available, but 
without a working server connection they are useless.

I know this may be a long-shot, is there some way to specify the config 
file as an additional argument to win32com.client.Dispatch or friends?

Otherwise what further options should I look into?

many thanks,

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