Boo: Statically typed Python with type inference is done (well, kinda ; -)

Shawn Wheatley swheatley at
Fri Jul 16 19:21:05 CEST 2004

On Fri, 16 Jul 2004 17:07:27 +0300, Christos "TZOTZIOY" Georgiou
<tzot at> wrote:
> Boo, also, seems attractive (at least to the eyes of two
> Python outsiders I discussed it with, people who would like Python but
> don't have a chance in their corporations to use it).

I agree.  Coming from an all-MS shop, Python sometimes ends up being
the square peg in the round hole for me.  I use it where possible, but
even with the help of the win32 libraries, it doesn't always "feel
right".  I look forward to using Boo or IronPython (should it ever be
released) in my day-to-day .NET dealings.
> What's the status of IronPython btw?  Will it have a chance to get a
> presence and momentum in the oncoming .NET/Mono imperium?

Maybe Jim could actually comment on this?  I haven't heard anything
about the project since PyCon back in March.


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