How do you install a service on MSW?

Frank Millman frank at
Fri Jul 2 15:05:54 CEST 2004

Hi all

This is not strictly a Python question, but I hope it is not too far
off topic.

The question is 'How do you install a service on MSW?' Here is the

The accounting application I am writing is multi-user. To handle
logins, record locking, etc, I have written a simple socket server
program to keep track of various activities, which must run in the
background all the time. It is written in Python and uses
socket.socket(). It works well.

I need it to work on both Linux and MSW. Up to now I have opened a
separate terminal window, and run it from there. This works fine on
both platforms. Now I want it to run as a true background service.

I have figured out how to do this in Linux. On MSW I naively expected
to be able to go to Control Panel > Adminstrative Tools > Services,
right click, and find an option to add a new service. No such luck.
Can anybody please explain how I might be able to do this, or at least
tell me where I can read up on it.

I am using Python 2.3.3 with Win32 extensions on Windows 2000 Pro.

Thanks in advance

Frank Millman

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